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Mixcloud is a long-form Internet audio platform. The service provides a home for users who create radio shows, Podcasts and long-form audio from around the world.

Mixcloud allows all users to browse and stream audio content uploaded on its site. Registered users can upload content such as radio shows, DJ mixes, and podcasts, as well as promote and distribute their content through Mixcloud’s own social networking widget. As of November 2011, Mixcloud lifted its 100Mb limit on uploaded content and allows uploads of 500 megabyte. Registered members may join a Group, a collection of other users who share a common interest, which will periodically update the user when new content related to the Group is available.

Mixcloud also provides an API which users can search, upload, and embed its content.

Users may also share podcasts and mixes via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS.

In December 2018, Mixcloud announced a new form of subscription called “fan-to-creator”. Thanks to this feature subscribers can support a favorite artist directly and contribute to the licensing cost of the music played in the shows. This innovation is an attempt by the company to find new ways of funding.

It is important to note that Mixcloud is a user-generated content (UGC) service. Meaning the audio files are provided to Mixcloud directly by third parties.

FreeMusicDistribution.io does not provide content asset files of recordings to Mixcloud but does provide all the metadata associated with such audio files.

Mixcloud then uses a content identification service in order to identify master sound recordings contained in the audio files available on their service.

In order to carry out the content identification process that will enable Mixcloud to identify FreeMusicDistribution.io content, Mixcloud needs FreeMusicDistribution.io to deliver metadata only directly to Mixcloud.

Metadata will be used by Mixcloud solely for content identification, rights association, conflict resolution and royalty reporting purposes with respect to the service they provide.

Mixcloud accepts all music genres

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