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Gracenote, formerly called CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base), maintains and licenses an Internet-accessible database containing information about the contents of music albums. It provides software and metadata to music channels in the mobile, automobile, portable, home, and PC markets. Several channels, such as iTunes, use Gracenote’s CDDB technology to identify Cds and provide metadata.

Now Gracenote has more than 3,000 content partners, including major and independent music publishers, labels and movie studios, that power the biggest names in all major markets. It is also the service that powers Apple´s iTunes Genius.

Distribute your music to this channel if you want to help your fans enjoy your songs and albums they already own in iTunes, Spotify and a host of other services.

Gracenote offers media identification, management, discovery, enrichment and monitoring solutions. It does not sell or stream music.

Gracenote is available wordwide.

Gracenote does not sell music so artists do not receive payment, but Gracenote drives sales in other outlets through music discovery and supporting services.

It takes about 2 weeks for content to go live on Gracenote.

– Gracenote ensures recognition of your music across all digital media (e.g. CD, stream, file)
– It drives and accelerates commerce through music discovery, more relevant music recommendations, commerce links and cloud based matching services
– Drive Revenue through Identification: Listeners can identify music in multiple platforms and connect to digital media services to purchase tracks.
– Gracenote enables the monitoring and protection of digital media assets
– Opens new revenue streams
– Ensures information about your music is accurate, release date ready
– Secures partners‚ content information so that it cannot be overwritten by unauthorized users

For consumers, Gracenote dramatically enhances music experience; makes products more powerful and intuitive and provides a unified entertainment experience.

Gracenote accepts all genres

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